Elevate Employee Engagement and Streamline Operations with an On-Demand Company Store for Your Brand

If you're looking to streamline your employee engagement and appreciation efforts, our on-demand company stores will help!

As a business owner, marketing or HR manager, you understand the importance of keeping your employees motivated, engaged, and satisfied. But, managing these efforts can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That's where our Order On-Demand Company Stores come in...

Employee Experience is Key!!!

Why is it important to retain talent?

According to Employeebenefits.org:

It costs $12,000/year to replace a Front Line worker who makes $36,000/year It costs $20,000/year to replace a Manager making $50/year And it costs $50,000 to replace an Executive making $150,000/year.

How do we ensure employees stay?

*By creating a retention strategy that offers a care package for the soul to make employees feel better about their job and your organization.

*By showing employees your organization celebrates them instead of tolerates them!

Create a Caring Environment That Shows Employees They Matter

Frequently Asked Questions


A company store is a time-saving solution that gives you a convenient and completely customizable online experience when it comes to ordering your products.

These e-commerce enabled storefronts are designed with your logo and stocked with your branded merchandise and any other products you want.


Company stores are ideal for organizations who want to provide branded merchandise to their employees to incentivize, appreciate or motivate their employees.

Organizations with multiple branches who want to keep everything on one place, or organizations that need a simple "Order on Demand" Solution for Uniform Orders and other branded apparel orders.

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